Blogging for Beginners

Here, you'll find my videos and blogging resources, free to use and download!

Book Blogging for Beginners
A Video Series

Video #1: The Checklist
What you need to get started.

Video #2: Review Policies & Forms

Video #3: Where to Find Books & Content (Part 1)
Places to find free books.

Video #4: Where to Find Books & Content (Part 2)
Blog content & review templates.

Video #5: Organization 
Step-by-Step and how to create/use database in Access.
PLUS get a FREE download of my own Book Database!

Coming Soon... Video#5: Navigating NetGalley & Similar Sites
- How to Improve Chances of Approval
- Do's and Do Not's

If you have an idea for a video you'd like me to do, feel free to email, message me, or simply comment on any of the video posts!

Other Stuff You Might Find Useful

Book Database (in a zip file)!
HINT: Watch Video #5: Organization to learn how to use the file!
Pretty please: If you download the file, leave me a comment on this post to let me know! I'd like to track the # of downloads, if possible. And I'm curious to see how many people find the database to be useful! :)